Christmas gifts wrapped under a tree

My Christmas Gifting

by Pat Gray, MiCAFE Community Partner Liaison

Bethany Manor Residents
Bethany Manor Residents

The idea of presenting people you love with gifts is as old as the human race. The idea of exchanging gifts at Christmas time originated in the Bible, when three wise men traveled to deliver gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus. Shepherds in the fields also came to give gifts to the newborn baby Jesus. Today, the tradition of giving and receiving gifts is as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree, candy canes, and Christmas songs.

Every year, I have made it a special tradition to give gifts at Christmas to the 53 adopted residents of Bethany Manor. They now look forward to receiving and opening these gifts each year. These gifts are only a token of what I would like to give. I begin shopping in November for items that I want to present. I make up gift bags that contain small items that they may use daily and include candy and other stocking stuffer items. This tradition started when I was a service coordinator at this residents, and seeing the appreciation from these seniors makes me realize that just a little showing of love can go a long way. Gifting has made me more appreciative of the opportunities that I have and what I can share with others; I receive more than what I am giving.


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