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My Experience as a Meals on Wheels Volunteer Driver

By Mary Beth Daley, Staff Accountant

When I became aware that a co-worker, here at ELM, was trying to organize a team to commit to a Meals on Wheels delivery shifts I decided to jump on board. I said, “Sign me up!” I didn’t have any idea what to expect, but I welcomed the chance to be able to give back to seniors in my community.

As a Staff Accountant at Elder Law of Michigan, I don’t have many opportunities to directly serve/affect seniors. Now don’t get me wrong, what I do is necessary and important but I do not get the benefit of knowing that something I did today made a difference in the quality of somebody’s life. The Meals on Wheels opportunity and the experience gained makes this no longer true.

Whenever I make a promise to venture “into the unknown” I must remind myself that growth only requires me to take just one step outside of my comfort zone. I am so very glad I decided to take that step! What I have found and received by choosing to serve in this capacity is the opportunity to get to know some wonderful seniors in the greater Lansing area. Every time I deliver my route I am met with smiles, gratitude, and often a wish for me to, “Have a Blessed day!”

I am grateful to be employed by an organization that is continuously looking for not only innovative ways to serve and support seniors, but is also willing to allow us to step away from our desks and serve our local community. If you can spend 60-90 minutes, one or more days a month, I would encourage you to contact your local Area Agency on Aging and jump on board too! Don’t know how to contact your AAA? You can enter your zip code at: and find a Meals on Wheels chapter near you. Delivering a route is not difficult, and the rewards far outweigh the time and energy it will cost you.

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