Iron Workers union plans allege West Mifflin company failed to pay contributions


By Louie Torres, PennRecord

November 7, 2017

Labor union plans based in Pittsburgh allege that a West Mifflin company has failed to pay contributions for certain months in 2017.

Greg Christy and David D. Daquelente, on behalf of the trustees of the Iron Workers Welfare and Pension Plans of Western Pennsylvania and the Iron Workers of Western Pennsylvania Profit Sharing Plan, et al. filed a complaint on Oct. 18 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania against R&B Contracting & Excavating Inc., William J. Rogers, Richard F.  Roscoe Jr. and Rhonda Roscoe, also known as Rhonda Stiles, citing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Labor Management Relations Act.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs have a judgment pending against R&B Contracting for the amount of $7540,470.25 in this court. The plaintiffs allege that R&B Contracting failed to make timely principal payments and wage deductions from April to July.

The plaintiffs seek judgment against the defendants plus interest and court costs. They are represented by Jeffrey J. Leech and Neil J. Gregorio of Tucker Arensberg PC in Pittsburgh.

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