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Elder Law of Michigan/MiCAFE at a 2018 Senior Financial Empowerment Exposition

By Shirley Brown, Economic Security Team Member 

Money Smart Week originally started in 2002 in Chicago to promote personal financial literacy. Money Smart Week this year was held April 21-28, 2018 and it was featured in more than 50 counties across Michigan.  

During Money Smart Week this year, many organizations collaborated and hosted the Senior Financial Empowerment Exposition. The Exposition held during April 21-28, 2018 was sponsored by Detroit Area Agency on Aging, Elder Law of Michigan, Neighborhood Service Organization, Southeast Michigan Senior Regional Collaborative and Wayne State University SAFE program and was hosted at the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit, Michigan.  

The purpose of these events is to educate seniors on the benefits and services that they are entitled to receive, and how to plan for their retirement. The general session is conducted by local community speakers who give presentations to raise awareness and provide general information on how to better manage personal finances. Discussion topics are designed to address different financial subjects, including: safeguarding against scams, identity theft, understanding Medicare and Medicaid, Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy, Social Security, budgeting, debt and earned income, savings and investments, insurance auto/home, health care, advance directives and vital documents. Seniors attending the event are given the opportunity to connect with local non-profit organizations available to them in the Detroit area and across Michigan. 

The Michigan’s Coordinated Access to Food for the Elderly Network (MiCAFE Network), a program of Elder Law of Michigan was able to reach over 140 participants and provided information and knowledge about services that we offer. Staff, Nicholas GoodmanSara Jackson, and myself explained that there is no cost or obligation for services we provide.  

We look forward to next year’s event. See you there!