Meet the Team, Staff Spotlight: Mary Beth Daley

By Sheila Robison, Economic Security Team Member

Mary Beth DaleyMary Beth Daley is a Staff Accountant at Elder Law of Michigan and has been a member of the Elder Law of Michigan team since October 2014. Mary Beth is a content person. She continues to make a difference in her personal and professional life and is at peace with it.

Q: Before working at Elder Law of Michigan, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: I was the co-owner at a cross stitch specialty shop in Williamston, Michigan, where I taught advanced classes in both knitting and needlework.

Q: What has been your favorite project at Elder Law of Michigan? 

A: Delivering Meals on Wheels once a month as part of Elder Law of Michigan’s community involvement.

Q: Any favorite line from a movie? 

A: My favorite line is, “You’re everything I never knew I always wanted.” from the movie, Fools Rush In.

Q: Best vacation you’ve had?

A: I got to spend over two weeks in Maui.

Q: Do you have an office nickname? 

A: Yes, it is MB.

Q: Least favorite food? 

A: Lima beans.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Knitting and needlework/cross-stitch.

Q: What is on your bucket list? 

A: I would love to drive north on Route 66 in California along the Pacific coastline in a convertible.

Q: Which cartoon character would you most relate to? 

A: Lucy from Charlie Brown.

Q: What is your hidden talent? 

A: I sing in a praise band in church!

Q: How would you describe your day job to a child?

A: “As an accountant, it’s my job to watch money coming in and going out to make sure it          balances.”

Q: Do you have a favorite quote or advice to pass on? 

A: My favorite quote would be, “Live life with your love pointed out and not in.”