Cat laying down

Tomorrow is National Love Your Pet Day

by Char Brooks, J.D.

As we all know, February 14th is Valentine’s Day – a day of celebration for couples. Many of us extend this holiday to include celebrating our kids or special friends.

A dog yawningIt’s not too far afield to celebrate the ones most involved in our day to day lives. National Love Your Pet Day is a chance to honor your pets – whether furry, flying or otherwise – and let them know you care.

Needless to say, the gift of time and attention is the one pet’s long for the most. If you’re an active senior, perhaps you’re not home much before you go to sleep. On the other hand, you may spend most of your time at home and your pet may be one of your closest companions. Either way, all pets bring us into the here and now.

A blue and yellow macaw.It doesn’t take much to give your pet an extra hug or pet them just because you love them. Sometimes the best way to love a cat is to just think good vibes and leave some treats on the counter. For our flying friends, a surprise treat can be just the ticket to a better day.

If you are having difficulty paying for medications or other needs for your pet, Pet Support Services, Inc. provides financial support if you are eligible.

If you don’t have a pet, perhaps there is one nearby that you can give a little love to. Whatever you do, enjoy your day and appreciate pets everywhere. Their love is unconditional and they bring such joy wherever they go.

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