Building a Future for Your Pet

By Jadranko Tomic Bobas, J.D., Managing Hotline Attorney and Angela Quinn, Legal Hotline Intern  It is still debated in the legal world as to whether pets should be treated as property or as family members. Once you die, the question often becomes, who “inherits” or “adopts” your pet?  Either way, the safest way to provide care for your pet after you die, is to consider them in your estate planning.   What happens to my pet if I die?  The best circumstance is that a family member volunteers to care for … Continue reading Building a Future for Your Pet

Seniors and Pets: Part 1

By Jadranko Tomic Bobas, J.D., Managing Hotline Attorney, and Angela Quinn, Legal Hotline Intern   Many people have a family pet that they cherished growing up. While many families own a pet for various reasons, such as teaching a child responsibility, pets can also serve a valuable role in the life of a senior. Pets provide social interaction and physical activity for older adult owners. Pets reduce depression and … Continue reading Seniors and Pets: Part 1

Assistance Dog Day

by Ron Tatro, Vice President Did You Hear That? Today is Assistance Dog Day. Many people with disabilities have service dogs. Also, many seniors have assistance dogs or emotional support animals that provide companionship and comfort. Although these dogs are remarkable with their skills and training, it is important to remember that they are not machines and can be affected by loud noises. Whether an animal … Continue reading Assistance Dog Day

Cat laying down

Tomorrow is National Love Your Pet Day

by Char Brooks, J.D. As we all know, February 14th is Valentine’s Day – a day of celebration for couples. Many of us extend this holiday to include celebrating our kids or special friends. It’s not too far afield to celebrate the ones most involved in our day to day lives. National Love Your Pet Day is a chance to honor your pets – whether furry, … Continue reading Tomorrow is National Love Your Pet Day