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September is Hunger Action Month: Take Action and Fight Hunger!

By Sara Jackson, MiCAFE Network Specialist 

When September hits, many people start to think of fall. We start to see a lot of red, orange, and yellow in décor, clothing, and food. However, orange has another meaning during the month of September, which is Hunger Action Month. 

Here are some statistics from Feeding America associated with Senior Hunger across our country: 

  • Nearly 5 million seniors face hunger in our country. 
  • The rate of hunger among seniors, 60+, has increased by 45% since 2001. 
  • 63% of senior households that are served by Feeding America Network are forced to choose between food and medical care. 
  • Only 42% of seniors that are eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) are enrolled in the program. 

To help raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity, there are a few things that you can do to show your support. One example is to take the 30 Days of Action Challenge through Move for Hunger. Move for Hunger is an organization that is dedicated to supporting the country’s food banks year-round by collecting non-perishable foods with the help of relocation companies, such as moving companies.  

Move for Hunger explains, “The truth is: hunger is a HUGE problem everywhere in the United States, but it’s not always easy to see…The face of hunger has changed. No longer is it just the homeless man on the street reaching out for a helping hand, but every day millions of people are struggling to feed their families.”  

If you know an older adult in Michigan who is forced to choose between food and medicine, please refer them to the MiCAFE Network at Elder Law of Michigan, Inc. The MiCAFE Network is focused on helping individuals get access to SNAP and other benefits for which they may be eligible.  

You can reach the MiCAFE Network between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Thursday, at 1-877-664-2233.