Caregiver bringing a tray of food to seniors.

Home Healthcare Agencies and Caregivers

by Gay Nell Jenkins, MiCAFE Community Partner Liaison

Caregiver helping seniors.Have you ever thought about using a home healthcare agency? Home health nurses go into the homes to care for the elderly and disabled patient. The goal of home health care nurses is to instruct, educate, and perform complex tasks as it relates to the care of the patient. While teaching caregivers how to safely assist patients with hygiene, day to day tasks, and medications.

Some patients may require physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. These services are offered or ordered by a physician when needed. Home healthcare agency may be ordered by a physician because it is less expensive than having a prolonged length of stay in the hospital.

With the growing need for health care of our aging population, there is increasing need for the home healthcare industry to allow many elderly patients to remain in their homes instead of being admitted and stating in a long term care facility.


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