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Simplify Your Life

by Sheila Robison, MiCAFE Network Coordinator

Who would like more peace and calm in their day? Who would like personal power, appreciation and happiness? How about gaining increased self-esteem, self-respect and a fulfilled feeling of gratitude?

You can have all this and more. You can have all that life has to offer. In one word, the benefits from all of these issues stems from simplicity in life. We simplify our life by taking responsibility for our issues and following simple and easy to accomplish tasks.

Start by creating a morning routine that will take you through the rest of your day in a positive manner. Do whatever you need to do the night before, in order to make mornings calm.

If time permits, take a few minutes to write in a journal or read from a spiritual or motivating text. This will give you a feeling of peace and calmness that will carry you through the toughest traffic on your road to anywhere the day takes you!

Say “no” more often, but don’t think of it as saying “no.” Instead, think of it as saying “yes” less often!  And, you don’t owe anyone a reason.

Take more time to do what you love. Get rid of negativity, whether it be the news media, phones, computers, or other digital distractions or social media. If you can’t get rid of them entirely, limit them as much as possible.

Know what you have and want for less. Declutter your life. Get organized. Eliminate toxic relationships. Stay with those who are upbeat and positive. Take up yoga or a relaxing sport of swimming or boating. Make positive plans and take one step at a time to achieve these plans.

Keep your spirits up, smile a lot and greet people with a kind attitude. In our complicated world, creating a simple life is the best way to move forward and have true calm happiness. Find out more tips to simplify your life here.

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