(Mid-America Pension Rights Project): Worried about a missing pension or 401(k)? Here’s where you can get help

Via Detroit Free Press

By Susan Tompor

Randy Sigley, 63, who grew up in West Virginia, remembers that jobs were hard to come by in the mid-1970s so he headed to Ohio to work in a factory making concrete pipe.

He got that job about a year out of high school and made sure to hold onto it at least 10 years because he always heard that he’d qualify for a pension if he stayed that long.

But decades later when he tried to collect that pension, he ran into a giant roadblock. He was told he wasn’t owed a dime.

Most people think you go to work, retire and, if there’s a pension, you ask the company to send the checks. For many people, it works out fine.

For thousands of others, though, unexpected hurdles stop them from getting a pension check. People end up moving; companies close down plants and offices. Small pensions are easily forgotten about years after you left a job. Even some 401(k)s can go unclaimed in some cases when you leave a company.

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