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SNAP Facts!

by Lyndsy Gamet, MiCAFE Outreach and Training Coordinator

Let’s talk about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Are you one of approximately 142,000 Michigan Seniors who participate in the program? If not, let me give you a few facts about it, and how to find out if you are eligible.

1) The SNAP program was designed to help individuals to obtain an adequate diet, while meeting nutritional needs.

2) SNAP benefits consist of money that can be used only to buy food. The money is provided through the Michigan Bridge Card. This card works like a debit card, and is accepted at many grocery stores, Farmers’ Markets, and some convenience stores.

3) Many individuals can be eligible for SNAP benefits, including those who are 60 and over.

4) Eligibility for the program considers income as well as assets.

5) The program makes special considerations for individuals who are 60 and over, helping these individuals to be more likely to be eligible.

6) If you are eligible for Medicaid based on income, you may also be eligible for SNAP benefits.

7) Many Farmers Markets across Michigan participate in Double Up Food Bucks, which can double your food benefits up to $40 per visit! In some parts of Michigan, there are grocery stores that participate in the program as well.

Do you know if you are eligible? Call MiCAFE at 877.664.2233 and we will conduct a short questionnaire to see if you are potentially eligible for SNAP. If you are found likely eligible, we can help complete an application for SNAP with you.

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