8 Things to Know about Your New Medicare Card

By Dawn Kepler, Project Administrator
In April 2018, new Medicare cards will be sent out and the new card will include a new Medicare Number. The mailing for these new cards will be staggered throughout the year and it is expected to end by April 2019.
Here are 8 Things to Know about Your New Medicare Card:
  1. Medicare will mail you a new card, and this change will help prevent identity theft.
  2. Social Security Numbers are being removed from Medicare cards, and instead, you will receive a Medicare Number on your new card that is unique to you.
  3. Your Medicare coverage and benefits will NOT change as a result of the new card and Medicare Number.
  4. The new Medicare cards are scheduled to be mailed between June 2018 and April 2019 in Michigan, but they will arrive in waves so your neighbor’s card may arrive at a different time than yours.
  5. You can confirm the Social Security Administration (SSA) has your correct mailing address by calling 1-800-772‐1213 (TTY number: 1-800-325-0778) or logging into your online SSA account at ssa.gov/myaccount.
  6. Protect your identity by destroying your old card as soon as you receive your new Medicare card.
  7. Beware of scams that will contact you about your new card. Medicare will NEVER ask you to give personal information in order to receive your new card and Medicare Number.
  8. Below is a sample of the new Medicare card to give you an idea of what yours will look like.

New Medicare Card

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