Tools for Economic Security

By Dawn Kepler, Project Administrator 

Financial wellness is important at any age. However, economic security becomes critical for older adults who are on a fixed income and the cost of living continues to rise. Completing a check-up of your personal finances can be a daunting task. Here are some free tools available to help: 

  • EconomicCheckUp® provides information for older adults on how to avoid scams, setting a budget and goals, tips on saving money, and resources for finding jobs. 
  • Michigan Association of CPAs has resources on how to take an inventory of your finances, end of life considerations, and information for owners of small businesses. 

In addition, the MiCAFE Network provides free benefits screenings over the phone to check whether individuals are potentially eligible for public benefits that can help make ends meet. The MiCAFE Network can be contacted over the phone at 877-664-2233, Monday through Thursday between 9AM and 3PM.