Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan

By Grace DeRose-Wilson, Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan Many low-income individuals must decide between putting food on the table and doing basic home repairs and maintenance. This decision often results in home repairs and maintenance going undone. If you are a homeowner in Oakland County or Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood in Wayne County you may be able to receive free help with home repairs. Rebuilding Together … Continue reading Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan

Power of Attorney: An Overview

By Jadranko Tomic Bobas, Managing Attorney at Elder Law of Michigan In Michigan when we discuss powers of attorney (POA), we usually refer to a financial power of attorney and/or a medical power of attorney. A power of attorney is a document that delegates decision-making capacity to a third person, which is usually a family member or a trusted friend. Powers granted can be broad, specific, narrow, or … Continue reading Power of Attorney: An Overview

Three Financial Literacy Tips for Seniors

By Denise Keiser, Fund Development Specialist at Elder Law of Michigan April highlights the importance of financial education. But, how do we ensure the principles shared during the month have a lifelong effect far beyond the month of April, especially for seniors? Financial literacy, after all, offers individuals the ability to make smart, informed decisions about their financial resources which stretch from money to housing and … Continue reading Three Financial Literacy Tips for Seniors

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Social Security Q&A Part 19

By: Vonda VanTil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist Question: Can I delay my retirement benefits and receive benefits as a spouse only? How does that work? Answer: It depends on your date of birth. If you were born on or before 01/01/1954 and your spouse is receiving Social Security benefits, you can apply for retirement benefits on your spouse’s record as long as you are … Continue reading Social Security Q&A Part 19

Which Hammer Do I Use?

By Ron Tatro, Vice President at Elder Law of Michigan In the 1990’s there was a popular television show called Home Improvement starring Michigan native Tim Allen. He portrayed Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, an accident-prone host of a fictional cable television show called Tool Time. While Home Improvement made fun of home repair projects, other television shows such as This Old House took a more serious look at home renovations.  So, … Continue reading Which Hammer Do I Use?

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Do I Really Need Insurance?

Ron Tatro, Vice President at Elder Law of Michigan Recently, I was watching the evening news and viewing all the devastation across the country. Wildfires, flooding, blizzards, and tornadoes have resulted in the deaths of people and the loss of billions of dollars in damage to homeowners and commercial property. These tragic occurrences got me thinking about the role insurance plays in seniors’ lives. For many … Continue reading Do I Really Need Insurance?

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National Caffeine Awareness Month

By Rachael Savoie, Human Resource Specialist at Elder Law of Michigan Do you need some sort of caffeine in the morning to get you going? Before I do anything in the morning, I need to have a nice strong cup of coffee. March was National Caffeine Awareness Month. The goal of the Caffeine Awareness Alliance, formed in 2003, is to promote awareness about the consumption of caffeinated products. … Continue reading National Caffeine Awareness Month